It's the cheese that counts at Artisan Cheese Factory. You'll find our cheesemaking factory in the small town of Loleta, a quaint dairy farming community just across the Eel River from the Victorian Village of Ferndale, on the North Coast of California in Humboldt County.

The North Coast of California is famous for its beautiful coastline and giant Redwood trees, but its greatest secret just may lie in the lush clover and tall grass pastures of the Eel River Valley. The bountiful pastures of Humboldt County play a very important role in the quality, flavor, and natural goodness of our cheese. These pastures boast many of the same characteristics of the finest cheese-producing regions of Europe.

Our cheese is made in small batches using traditional recipes to ensure old-fashioned flavor. The small size of our factory affords the flexibility to work at the pace of the cheese, which is critical in the production of premium cheese. Each vat of cheese is worked by hand and carefully monitored by the cheese-maker to bring out the natural quality found in our Pasture-Based Milk.

Our Loleta Cheese Factory has developed a very loyal following because of its varieties of flavored Cheddar and Jack cheeses. Favorites include Jalapeno Cheddar, Garlic Jalapeno Jack, Havarti with herbs and spice, Garden Jack, Hickory Smoked Jack, to name just a few.

Visitors to our Loleta Cheese Factory take part in the fun with watching the actual process of cheesemaking and sampling a little taste of all of our delectable cheeses. As an added attraction, our colorful gardens offer visitors a beautiful retreat while enjoying a relaxing picnic of cheese, and crackers, and tantalizing goodies from our store.

Giving Back

Farm to table

Farming in cities is not a new concept in the United States, but the infrastructure and knowledge to make urban agriculture a viable source of food has been lost over the past few generations. In contrast, urban agriculture often serves as the sole means of personal and economic survival in less-developed regions of the world. With a nationwide poverty rate of 15% and the majority of those impoverished living in urban communities, we see a real opportunity to support our fellow man by supporting urban farming and gardening programs.

being responsible

“All you need is love. But a little food now and then doesn't hurt.”

Although we completely agree with Dr. ML King, "True charity isn't giving a coin to a beggar... true charity is asking 'What sort of world do we live in that beggars exist?'", we still feel that the most direct and impactful thing we can to stop huger is to feed people. We not only volunteer our time and resources to food banks and soup kitchens but feel that we are helping the next generation to side step the problem by teaching them how to respect how food is made and grown.

Call (707) 733-5470 to to speak to someone about the programs we support.