the original


Back to basics, baby. What better thing to build a foundation on than our staple brand, Loleta Cheese? This line was designed to be a gourmet base to any comfort food. Your burger doesn't have to be bland, nor your mac 'n cheese greasy. Don't poo poo on your pizza or taint your taco with some crappy pre-shredded cheese. If you are going to take the time to make a meal for your family, why not use the best cheese to do so? This cheese is made from milk that comes from California, pasture grazed, jersey cows and will "out yummy" anything on market.



Not all cheese is created equal. You don’t need to be a cheese maker, a foodie or even fully awake to notice the difference in our ultra creamy, well thought out, perfectly balanced small batch 1906 cheeses. Every cheese in our 1906 line is, we believe, to be absolutely perfect and have either already competed and won awards in their category or will be entered in the near future in cheese competitions. Their complex, smooth flavors have been developed and perfected over the last 30 years by a master cheese maker, so prepare to have your mind blown!



You can call our Queso Kings line anything but boring. This is where we let our hair down and experiment with interesting flavors and blends such as citrus, caraway, and even smoked salmon. If we compared or brands to music, Loleta would be down home blues or country, 1906 would be a 50 piece orchestra, and Queso Kings that cutting edge rock band that's only in town for a limited engagement. You know, that concert that everyone is talking about but you passed on to stay home to play with your cats. Don't miss out and become that crazy cat guy, try Queso Kings Crazy Creamy Cheese.